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The number 1 reason entrepreneurs fail, and how you can overcome this…

By Louisa Masango | 21 April 2020


Part of the reason so many Entrepreneurs get it so wrong and get exhausted in the process of building their business is that they have TOO MANY OFFERS!

Too many programs, courses, products…

It makes it difficult for potential clients to understand what your business is about. It leaves them feeling overwhelmed and disinterested in what you have to offer, even if you were the best person to do the job.

To your potential client it feels like walking into a store knowing full on what they want, and then all of a sudden the sales people pounce on them and pull them in all sorts of directions, but the main reason they entered the store in the first place.



As an entrepreneur, you know you can do more because, in your journey, you have learned and mastered a whole lot of things. Keep that knowledge for when the time is right, but make sure to market that ONE CORE OFFER in order to attract and grow your audience.

Working at it this way, will help set you as the EXPERT in the field. And once your clients KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you, they are likely to ask for advice on other things.

Use this as an opportunity to then SHOWCASE your other abilities.

Your audience are likely to buy from and pay you whatever your asking fee is, because from previous experience they know they can TRUST you to DELIVER.